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Cauliflower salad with tomatoes

Cauliflower salad with tomatoes Ingredients: 300 g cauliflower 3-4 tbsp. l mayonnaise 2 pcs. a tomato Green onions to taste Salt and spices to taste Delicate cauliflower goes well with mayonnaise. Even the fattest mayonnaise will lose some of its “heaviness” if you make a cauliflower salad with tomatoes with it.

Sandwich with chicken and tomato

Sandwich with chicken and tomato Ingredients: 2 slices white bread 100 g chicken fillet 30 g cheese 10 g butter 1 pcs. a tomato 2 pcs. lettuce The combination of fried chicken, tomatoes and cheese is a classic, so it is very popular. Delicate buko cheese adds a pleasant creamy taste, and tomato – juiciness. […]

Grilled sausage sandwich

Grilled sausage sandwich Ingredients: 2 tbsp. tablespoons of butter 2-3 pcs. sausage slices 1 pc. tomato 2 pcs. slices of bread Try sandwiches with grilled sausages. They serve an excellent breakfast and a buffet dinner. Sausage for sandwiches is a little fried.

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