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Cream-strawberry cocktail

Cream-strawberry cocktail Ingredients: 200 ml milk 80 g cream 100 g ice cream 400 g strawberries

Salad with chicken meat and fruit

Salad with chicken meat and fruit Ingredients: 250 g chicken fillet 150 g tangerines 300 g strawberries 150 g pineapple 2.5 tbsp. l mayonnaise 2.5 tbsp. l sour cream 2 tbsp. l Orange juice 1 tsp curry 4 tbsp. l milk Green salad to taste 30 g coconut flakes It is not necessary to go […]

Strawberry-mint lemonade

Strawberry-mint lemonade Ingredients: 350 g fresh strawberries 1 lime 50 g mint 5 tbsp. l sugar 1 star anise star 1,5 l of water On hot summer days, refreshing drinks from fresh berries and fruits become especially relevant. Try our strawberry, peppermint and lime lemonade recipe.

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