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Ham and cheese salad

Ham and cheese salad Ingredients: 150 g ham 150 g hard cheese 1 pcs. cucumbers 2 pcs. tomatoes Canned peas to taste Garlic clove Salt, parsley to taste Sour cream to taste A recipe for a light and extremely appetizing salad of ham, cheese and fresh vegetables. You can prepare such a salad in just […]

Cauliflower salad and meat

Cauliflower salad and meat Ingredients: 250 g cauliflower 4-5 Art. l mayonnaise 1 pcs. cucumber 2 pcs. a tomato 200 g smoked meat Salt and spices to taste We offer a very hearty salad recipe. You can use any meat: boiled, fried, stewed. But the most delicious dish will be with smoked meat ingredients.

Dietary cauliflower salad

Dietary cauliflower salad Ingredients: 200 g cauliflower 2 pcs. a tomato 2 pcs. cucumbers 1 pcs. apple 1 pcs. carrot 50 g plum (prune can) 50 ml vegetable oil 2 tsp Lemon juice This salad is a mix of healthy fruits and vegetables, and only vegetable oil and lemon juice were used for dressing. This […]

Salad from radish, cucumbers and eggs

Salad from radish, cucumbers and eggs Ingredients: 300 g radish 2 pcs. cucumber 2 pcs. egg Greenery bunch 200 g sour cream 1 pcs. lemon Salt to taste Pepper to taste The classic recipes include a salad of radishes, cucumbers and eggs. Such a simple and quick mix in combination with aromatic dressing will be […]

Fish sandwiches

Fish sandwiches Ingredients: 8 slices of bread 4 tbsp. tablespoons butter 400 g canned fish in oil 8 pcs marinated mushrooms 8 slices of hard cheese 1 PC. bow 2 pcs. pickled cucumbers Parsley, ground red pepper and allspice to taste

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