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Pomegranate juice cocktail

Pomegranate juice cocktail Ingredients: 75 ml rum 150 ml pomegranate juice ice pomegranate seeds We offer to prepare this bright and tasty cocktail to surprise guests.

Cocktail “Mimosa”

Cocktail “Mimosa” Ingredients: 75 ml champagne 75 ml orange juice slice of lemon, lime or orange ice cubes Cocktail recipe for a festive table! If you like orange juice, then you will like the Mimosa cocktail!

Cucumber cocktail with lemon and mint

Cucumber cocktail with lemon and mint Ingredients: 0.5 lemons 100 g of cucumber 20 g fresh ginger 4 g fresh mint 1,5 l of water This fine drink is best served chilled. It perfectly refreshes in the hot season, and also helps to lose a couple of extra pounds.

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