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Cauliflower salad and meat

Cauliflower salad and meat Ingredients: 250 g cauliflower 4-5 Art. l mayonnaise 1 pcs. cucumber 2 pcs. a tomato 200 g smoked meat Salt and spices to taste We offer a very hearty salad recipe. You can use any meat: boiled, fried, stewed. But the most delicious dish will be with smoked meat ingredients.

Cauliflower salad with tomatoes

Cauliflower salad with tomatoes Ingredients: 300 g cauliflower 3-4 tbsp. l mayonnaise 2 pcs. a tomato Green onions to taste Salt and spices to taste Delicate cauliflower goes well with mayonnaise. Even the fattest mayonnaise will lose some of its “heaviness” if you make a cauliflower salad with tomatoes with it.

Cauliflower and broccoli salad

Cauliflower and broccoli salad Ingredients: 400 g cauliflower 1 head of broccoli 2-3 cloves garlic 150 ml yogurt 1 tsp sweet mustard 1 tsp chili sauce Salt, herbs to taste Broccoli is simply an amazing vegetable, filled with nutrients and vitamins. It is best to eat fresh broccoli, preparing salads from it and combining it […]

Dietary cauliflower salad

Dietary cauliflower salad Ingredients: 200 g cauliflower 2 pcs. a tomato 2 pcs. cucumbers 1 pcs. apple 1 pcs. carrot 50 g plum (prune can) 50 ml vegetable oil 2 tsp Lemon juice This salad is a mix of healthy fruits and vegetables, and only vegetable oil and lemon juice were used for dressing. This […]

Cauliflower salad with garlic and mayonnaise

Cauliflower salad with garlic and mayonnaise Ingredients: 400 g cauliflower 3-4 tbsp. l mayonnaise 2-3 cloves of garlic Salt and spices to taste A very simple version of a salad with cauliflower, where she is the queen! Among the additional elements, only mayonnaise and garlic for piquancy.

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