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Banana-chocolate cocktail

Banana-chocolate cocktail Ingredients: 0.5 – 1 pc. banana 25 g milk chocolate 0.5 cups milk 50-100 g ice cream

Milk cocktail “Freshness”

Milk cocktail “Freshness” Ingredients: 0.5 liter orange juice 1 pcs. banana Cream or milk to taste Ice to taste

Milk cocktail “Cool”

Milk cocktail “Cool” Ingredients: 300 ml frozen milk 5 tsp sugar 1 pcs. banana 3 tbsp. l ice cream Berries to taste

Milk-banana cocktail

Milk-banana cocktail Ingredients: 1 pcs. banana 100 g ice cream 2 tsp cocoa 0.5 tsp vanilla sugar 300 ml milk Can you offer something better in the hot summer than a cool, refreshing milkshake?

Orange smoothie

Orange smoothie Ingredients: 1 tsp zest of fresh orange 1 orange 2 chilled bananas 0.25 cup almond milk honey A tasty, refreshing and restorative drink that will remind you of summer on a cold winter evening. Such a drink has a place on the menu at any time of the year.

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