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Sandwich with salmon and avocado

Sandwich with salmon and avocado Ingredients: 2 slices white bread 50 g light salted salmon 50 g cottage cheese 50 g avocado 2 pcs. radish 10 g dill Salt, pepper to taste An appetizing and quick salmon and avocado sandwich is a real vitamin bomb for those who want to regain their strength and have […]

Chicken cutlets with avocado

Chicken cutlets with avocado Ingredients: 300 g minced chicken 0.5 avocado 50 g avocado pulp 1 clove of garlic 15 ml lemon juice 0.5 tsp olive oil ground black pepper salt Chicken cutlets are specially prepared with butter inside to make them juicy and tender. And avocados taste like butter with greens and nuts.

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