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Orange lemonade

Orange lemonade Ingredients: 3 oranges 200 g sugar 1 lemon 1 liter of water sprig of tarragon To make orange lemonade at home according to our recipe, you will need a minimum of effort and simple, affordable products.

Cocktail from kiwi and lemon

Cocktail from kiwi and lemon Ingredients: 2 kiwi ½ lemon 2 slices of orange 300 ml of mineral water 1 tbsp. l honey A delicious and healthy kiwi cocktail with lemon is a great, refreshing option.

Cherry cocktail

Cherry cocktail Ingredients: 500 g frozen cherries 500 g sugar 500 ml of water 1 bay leaf 5 g vanilla sugar 2-3 bottles of champagne (or soda) ice

Milk-coffee cocktail

Milk-coffee cocktail Ingredients: 1 liter of milk 200 g ice cream 1 cup hard-brewed coffee 1 tbsp. l honey

Cream-strawberry cocktail

Cream-strawberry cocktail Ingredients: 200 ml milk 80 g cream 100 g ice cream 400 g strawberries

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